Limelight Health expands enrollment platform to 4 new states

Limelight Health, a provider of enterprise technology for the employee benefits industry, announced that the latest version of QuotePad 2.0 is now available in four states in addition to the firm’s home state of California: New York, New Jersey, Colorado and Illinois.

Users in those states will be able to automatically quote and present all available insurance plans for the 2016 open enrollment season in one platform.

Limelight Health said the latest version has significant new feature enhancements. With added features, Custom Plan Designer and Renewal Plan Auto-mapping, QuotePad 2.0 saves users time during the quoting and renewal process. In addition to California, users in Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois will be able to automatically quote and present all available insurance plans for the 2016 open enrollment season in one platform.

“This multi-state expansion and the additional new feature set is our first step toward being available in all 50 states,” said Jason T. Andrew, CEO of San Francisco-based Limelight Health.  “We continue to simplify the complex, time-consuming process of quoting, renewal and decision making for health insurance brokers, general agents, and insurance carriers.”

news.8Custom Plan Designer enables users to quote and present any medical, dental, vision, or life insurance plan, for both age-rated and composite 4-tier rates, in any group or any location. In addition to the availability of the existing complete market of Small Group medical plans, Custom Plan Designer gives users the ability to include 4-tier composite rate Mid-Market plans, PEO plans, and all available ancillary plans. This innovative approach to quoting provides a solution for employee benefits brokers nationwide.

Renewal Plan Auto-mapping helps carriers, brokers and staff save valuable time during the busy Q4 renewal season. Existing legacy quote systems require users to manually select the appropriate renewal plan for each employee in each employer group. QuotePad eliminates this redundancy, using smart logic to automatically select the most similar renewal plan for each employee.

“QuotePad’s Renewal Plan Auto-mapping is one additional step toward revolutionizing the employee benefits renewal experience. With this feature we are eliminating thousands of mouse clicks and time spent by health insurance professionals,” said Garrett Viggers, Limelight Health Chief Product Officer. “When we automate the administrative setup process with smart logic, we enable users to quickly renew their clients, giving them more time to strategize with employers and less time is wasted on manual, back-end administrative processes.”

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